• A Must-Have Book For City And Suburb Preppers: Urban Emergency Survival Plan

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    Jim starts off Urban Emergency Survival Plan: Readiness Strategies for the City & Suburb with going over possible disasters explaining exactly what might threaten a city dweller. Some you might already know about and even already be prepared for, however Jim provides a pretty comprehensive list that might make you think of scenarios you haven’t thought of before.

    Next Jim explores US government emergency plans. I knew these plans existed, but I’ve never thought of them to be of much value. After all if the SHTF I’m not going to plan on depending on the government. But Jim explains that these plans do have some value and examining them can help you make your own plan, especially in a city.

    Of course, when you live in a condo or a suburban home on a tiny lot, your preparedness situation may look a whole lot different than that of someone who has strategically relocated to the country.  This means that you may have less storage space, a decreased ability to raise your own food, and an entirely different host of threats than your country prepper cousins.

    The standard issue advice for city dwellers is, “Move.”  But we all know that’s easier said than done, In an economy like this, if you’re lucky enough to have a good job, picking up and moving to the boondocks may not be in the best interests of your family. Speaking of family, you may have again relatives that you care for. Your children may be at a crucial point in their eduction. Moving costs a lot of money … the list goes on and on of …

    Even though this book deals in large part with sheltering in place there are times when it’s necessary  to get out of Dodge and bug-out. Jim goes over strategies and tools to get you through some of the worst scenarios. After all, if you’re in a city full of people and lacking ground to farm inevitably this might become your long-term survival plan.

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