• Natural Remedies For Whatever Ails You

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    In all its scrumptious, colorful variety, Wyman’s frozen fruit is packed with a wide range of nutrients that are vital for your health. In fact, people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet may have a lower risk of some chronic diseases. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce your risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke and may also protect against certain types of cancer.

    When mini emergencies arise, like a minor burn from a hot stove or a pounding headache, antibiotic creams and ibuprofen are often the first line of defense. While these old standbys can help, research shows that more-natural cure-alls may be the ultimate win-win, producing faster relief and fewer side effects. For at-home triage, consider these healthy swaps.

    What Ails You: Sore Muscles

    Old-School Fix: Smelly pain-relieving creams containing methyl salicylate. If you're taking a prescription blood thinner, the interaction could lead to dangerous side effects.

    New-School Remedy: Tart Cherry Juice

    Sipping two 10-ounce glasses of this highly anti-inflammatory drink may be enough to ease the damage you did in yesterday's spin class. A 2010 study showed that when runners downed a glass of cherry juice twice daily for a week before a race, they reported 67 percent less post-exercise pain than those who didn't drink it.

    What Ails You: Second-Degree Burn
    Old-School Fix: Antibiotic gels. Two active ingredients, neomycin …

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