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    Nothing beats a stressful day like taking a warm, soothing bath with a glass of iced tea and plate of grapes to top off a bad week or just to un-wind. But taking a bath, especially for females, can be unsafe considering that the bubbles, soaps and shampoos we use can lead to a minor or serious infection. This simple bath recipe makes just the right amount of suds to make you comfortable, minimizes irritation and infection and more importantly: will not leave behind a slippery residue for you to potentially slip on or clean up afterwards.

    Stress Relief & Detox Bath Recipe Ingredient List
    1 cup Epsom Salt
    1/3 cup Himalayan Salt
    1/2 cup Baking Soda
    2 1/2 tsp dried Ginger Powder
    1 tsp pure Vitamin C crystals
    10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

    Combine all the ingredients into a glass bowl. (Note: Any of the natural ingredients mentioned above can be used alone or in combination in order to achieve a detoxification effect. The detox bath recipe can be doubled but understand this will increase the detox effect.

    Instructions for Stress Relief & Detox Bath

    • Dry body brush before showering to stimulate your body’s detox processes and shed dead skin cells.
    • Jump into the shower and wash thoroughly using a non-toxic soap.
    • Fill your tub with hot water.
    • The heat of the water opens your pores and allows for maximum absorption. It will also help to make you sweat which is a natural detoxification process in itself.
    • As the water begins to fill the tub, add …

    For people that are older and or have serious health problems make sure that you inform someone that you are taking a detox bath and to check up on you occasionally. It is not recommended that you drink extremely hot beverages while in the bath or consume alcohol.

    For more detox bath ideas please visit: Exhibit Health.

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