• Is It Possible That Meditation Can Benefit Your Very Core?

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    by Dr. Richard Foxx

    In our busy, fast-paced world, moments of rest and quietness are few and far between. This can take a toll both physically and mentally. We evolved to have moments of rest, interspersed with intense activity. We weren’t really meant to stay wired and under stress for hours every day. Clearly, it’s time for an old-fashioned remedy to give our minds and bodies a break.

    If you’ve always been curious about meditation but have never given it a try, here’s some convincing evidence to get you motivated. According to a recent study, meditation not only has calming effects on the mind, but it also triggers measurable and beneficial molecular changes in the body.

    For the study, a team of researchers had one group of participants perform a whole day of intensive mindful-meditation. These participants were experienced meditators. The second group of participants were encouraged to do quiet, non-meditative activities for …



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