• Law Proposed In Virginia: Revolutionary “Cottage Food”

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    As revolutionary as homemade products are these days, there has been a new intrest in local food and local products. Although for some reason, doing so is a crime in most states. And what does that bring us to?  ….Cottage Food Laws! In my small town in Oklahoma, local goods have always been in fashion for as long as I can remember. We recently got a Farmer's Market about a year or so ago. That's great and all, but the city has watched it like a hawk! Many home bakers have asked to join but some of the merchants from the Farmer's Market have advised them not to, being that the market is under surveillance. Even fresh home grown produce is being watched!

    Bill would exempt ALL homemade foods from regulation, including perishable foods

    A proposed cottage-food law in Virginia attempts to go farther than any cottage-food law has gone before. If passed, it would exempt virtually all homemade – or small-farm-made – foods from regulation, provided the foods are sold directly from producer to consumer, in face-to-face transactions.

    Cottage food laws typically exempt only non-perishable homemade goodies, like jams, jellies, cakes, cookies, candy and other novelty items that can be stored at room temperature. But the “Virginia Food Freedom Act” would exempt all homemade foods – including meat, dairy, partially cooked foods like chicken pot pie, and other foods requiring refrigeration – from licensing laws, health inspections, sales limitations and basically all government interference of any kind.

    Free the market

    By removing regulatory burdens on small farms and producers of homemade goods, food producers can quickly adapt to a changing market, giving customers what …

    The big problem with CFOs is that the states severely limit what kinds of foods they can produce.  CFOs can only produce foods the states deem to be extremely safe, like jams and jellies.  Everything else is ruled to be a Potentially Hazardous Food (PHF), and is off limits for the CFO exemptions.  In case you are wondering, in Virginia all dairy products – including cheese – are PHFs.

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