• Talking about appropriate Vitamin C Intake

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    It’s not likely when someone talks about how much Vitamin C should a person have to ingest every single day to get the benefits it does in our body? Is it really that important to know it? What usually happened is, we wake up in the morning, eat our breakfast and take Vitamin c tablets and go about the rest of our day, we are not that conscious how much of it we are taking in our system. As long as we take one tablet a day -it doesn’t matter what comes next. Well, this kind of thinking is pretty much contradictory to a healthy diet, supplementary diets are carefully made so that it can do their job, and that is to help our body live a better condition, supplements are carefully measure to insure the amount of such nutrients is regulated in our body. Too much of it may cause harm, and less of them would cause them be likely be ineffective.Talking about appropriate Vitamin C Intake

    However, Vitamin C is an exception to this, how do we treat Vitamin C in our diet? To talk about our need to have Vitamin C in our system, we need to understand that there are debates about the use of it. Other experts would suggest that vitamin C is a complete waste of money, for some reason they explained that the supplement should be just ingested if and only there is a deficiency of it in a person’s diet. Does this mean that –Vitamin C is inactive when it is taken by the person who doesn’t have a need of it? Well, this is a wrong perception about them (If you based it on many research).

    Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant that prevents the damage to artery walls from free radicals. If these free radicals were left to damage artery walls, it would make the arteries susceptible to leakage. This vitamin can also reduce high levels of inflammation inside the artery wall and the accumulation of adhesion particles. Vitamin C also helps improve the secretion of an enzyme called nitrous oxide, which serves to relax artery walls, causing a reduction in blood pressure

    However, the most important role for vitamin C in this case is the effect it has upon the strength of the artery walls. Adequate amounts of vitamin C are required to manufacture type III collagen. This type of collagen acts to support the connective tissues that give the artery wall its inherent strength and support. (Think of this as a fine mesh that holds everything together.) Without an adequate amount of this type …

    Vitamin C is vital to our health, it boosts our immune system and protect us from virus, illness and diseases. Health should not be taken lightly, we don’t let our guard down, and we should take Vitamin C for our protection.

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