• Is There a Link Between Gluten Disorders and GMOs?

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    Despite claims by multinational biotech giants, genetically modified (GM) foods are not the same as natural, organic foods, and they're not all better. GM foods have been around such a relatively short time that, for most of these engineered organisms, the book is still out on the complex and subtle ways they may  affect humans.

    A new report suggests there may be a link between genetically modified foods and gluten-related disorders.

    Gluten sensitivity is on the rise and the report, which draws on data from a wide range of sources including the US Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Act records, medical journal reviews, and international research, has concluded that eating GM foods is linked to:

    • Intestinal permeability
    • Imbalanced gut bacteria
    • Immune activation and allergic response
    • Impaired digestion
    • Damage to the intestinal wall

    These conditions are known to either trigger or exacerbate gluten-related disorders, including the serious autoimmune disorder, celiac disease, which is on the rise in developed countries.

    As a result the market for gluten free products is also growing In the US  sales are expected to exceed £3.3 billion ($5 billion)) by 2015. In the UK (the third biggest market for gluten free products after the USA and Italy)  the gluten-free market is worth £288 million ($446.6 million) – a figure …



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