• Hawaii –GMO’s new Breading Ground?

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    11404173714_d4f71ed07c_zGMO is proven to be persistent in any way, by this I meant literally persistent. Many state in the US were dead mad about their products, people are protesting here and there just so they could get rid of the harmful chemicals that are associated with their crops and goods. A remarkable event had happened when thousands of people are marching against a huge company (Monsanto) calling for its total ban in their county. It was incredible fight, the people won that day, but the company will not easily give up without a fight, Monsanto sued local farmers and have accuse them of infringement to the company’s seed and planted them on their respective fields.
    GMO companies are quite desperate not being able to penetrate in many states in the US, and in many country in Europe. The rejection they are facing from the people would resort them to use their money and play with politics. This way, they can have their way around politicians and might have a say on some policies that would affect their interest. This is exactly what happened in Hawaii. Huge companies are using their money to bend some policy.

    These “Big 6” pesticide and GMO firms are active on the islands in a big way, making use of the three to four annual growing seasons to develop new GMO seeds more quickly. The development of new GMOs by these pesticide and seed conglomerates goes hand-in-hand with heavy pesticide use in some of the islands' experimental crop fields, new data show.

    Kaua'i County — consisting primarily of the island of Kaua'i, known as Hawai'i's “Garden Isle” and home to Waimea Canyon State Park — passed a law in November 2013 that requires disclosure of pesticide use and GMO crops sewn by growers and created buffer zones around schools, parks, medical facilities, and private residences. The law is set to go into effect in August 2014.
    Hawai'i County banned GMOs altogether in November 2013, and a Maui County initiative to ban GMOs recentlyobtained enough citizen signatures to be placed on the November 2014 …

    I think people should not stop the advocacy that they have started, the battle they fought to promote green living, and fighting those who alter the nature in its normal state and create a harmful effect to people. This and all GMO activities should stop before it’s too late.

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