• Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Jet Lags?

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    So imagine if you already have a ticket bound somewhere you’re hoping to land and you can walk around under a beautiful day, with birds chirping around but when you arrive everything seems perfect except for your mind and body –dying to sleep in a broad daylight. What a disaster it would be, not being able to enjoy what you came for because of Jet Lag is there a cure for this? Well, there’s probably hundreds of suggestions out there to cheat Jet lag, but it’s not that simple.

    Jet lag is a physiological condition which brings discomfort to the body. The person’s circadian rhythms (Body clock) will be triggered wrong when a body is moved on a rapid motion from the opposite direction and back, the most common of this scenario is when you travel through jet plane, it is a lot worst to travel westward than going east – This is therefore called a -circadian rhythm disorder. Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle or 24 hours of your body routine. It is the condition of your body which suits the time you are on right now, in other words; a time cycle that you got used to for the longest time.

    The word circadian is a collaborative words combine to make it one. It comes from the Latin word circa meaning “about”, and the Latin word diem or dies meaning “day”. Our circadian rhythms are structured by what your body had adapt for the longest time, It is also greatly influence by the conditions or occurrences that take place on the surroundings (outdoor), from sun-rise to sun-down. It is understood on how your body responds to the current time. Circadian rhythm dictates our time within the day and within the night. One’s body can occasionally defy its law but it will result to a consequence.

    Jet-lag, whether on your next travel or during a lifestyle change is a real and discomforting condition. Keynotes of jet-lag are disorientation, indigestion, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, sometimes nausea, general un-wellness and “the blahs. A lack of deep rest depresses the immune system making a person more susceptible to an inevitable “airplane cold.” Using alcohol and caffeine to trudge through it actually makes the whole problem a lot worse.

    Old-time travelers made slow treks or voyages across the seas and would have time to adjust to time changes. But hopping a plane and crossing time zones to enjoy exotic all inclusive holidays has changed that.

    Before you travel, incrementally adjust your sleep time by 1-2 hours each night leading up to travel. If you are traveling to a time zone that is three hours earlier than your own, you might start three to four days ahead of travel and begin by …

    We are living inside a body that has domain over time and conditions, thou it’s hard to defy it, there is always a way to go around and cheat your own Body Clock. This however will require you discipline and a whole lot of adjustments.

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