• What Is Leaky Gut And How To Heal It?

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    Undigested protein molecules in the small intestine can create holes and cause in?ammation. Once that happens, the undigested protein can get into the bloodstream. If you have protein in the bloodstream, the body recognizes it as a foreign invader and starts to attack it, this can cause auto immune diseases, such as hives, eczema, mental fog, or fatigue, joint pain, swelling, or arthritis. Food allergies are a key sign.

    Leaky gut is a condition that causes many health problems, yet it's rarely talked about in the media or in doctors’ offices. As a matter of fact, many people have this condition but have no clue! Here's a look at what leaky gut is, how it occurs and what you can do to heal it without the use of pharmaceuticals.

    What is leaky gut?

    The leaky gut story begins in a very important organ: your small intestine. The small intestine is so important because most of the vitamins and minerals in the foods you eat are absorbed there. In order for the vitamins and minerals to be absorbed, the small intestine contains microscopic pores so the nutrients can be transferred into the bloodstream. Once transferred, the nutrients are then shuttled and deposited all around the body by the blood.

    The wall of the intestine is considered a semipermeable. This means the pores only allow …

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