• Green Living should not be that Expensive

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    Oh! How I wish people would someday decide to reduce their carbon footprints and go green! Well, that’s a bit of a wishful thinking, but seriously why not? First of all going green isn’t boring, it’s fun and healthy at the same time. You just have to get used to it. Green living is a lifestyle which pursue the balance between conservation and preservation of the planet’s natural resources and biodiversity in the presence of the existing human culture and community structures. A green and sustainable living understands well the boundaries of human’s environment and nature’s domain. Man’s lifestyle should complements nature’s interests -reduce waste and chemical used, to work hand in hand with mother earth in creating sustainable food systems and living arrangements to promote fair and balance relationship between communities and nature.

    Now a days, being eco-minded is an essential part of living in full awareness. Consumers are switching to healthy food, environmental related fashion and green living, they are now more interested on quality and durability rather than quantity and hasty growth. These People turned in to caring not only about consumption, but they care more about how they are going to contribute and bring about impact on environment and society they belong to. They eventually change and starting to be mindful of their lifestyle, checking how they are doing with health and conscious about maintaining balance diet. It’s about eating no more than you really need, making the most of the available resources and giving back to nature.

    These days it seems the term “eco-friendly” may as well be synonymous with “ridiculously expensive”. Why is it that an eco-friendly version of an existing product has to cost several times more than the already existing version? Perhaps caring about the environment is something that’s reserved for the affluent. A budget-conscious consumer couldn’t possibly have the time nor the means to concern himself with something as trivial as bettering the earth. If they did, the next step would be deciding what their family has to sacrifice in order to indulge this lofty aspiration to make a difference. Hey kids, let’s all skip dinner tonight and instead gather around our newly purchased re-usable tote bag. Unfortunately, it seems most people are content paying some company to make a difference, rather than exerting personal effort to make a difference on their own.

    Thou we’ve seen how community structures have evolve, heading towards smart planning, architecture wise and sustainable program of water and electricity supply. Gradually, apartments and city streets are turning into modern garden and started to respond the call for green living.

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