• Types of Love You Might Experience in Your Life

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    When you hear the word love what do you think of? The feelings you have for your spouse? Your children or family? Your friends? Maybe you think about your favorite food that you love or some activity that you are really interested in. Some use this word to describe their respect for their country. In the English language, the word love can apply to all of these things and many others. So, when the word love is used, you have to consider the context to understand what is meant.

    Although many people associate love with a romantic feeling, there are a few types of love you might experience in your life. The classical vision of love includes the unity of two people who fall in love, create a family and have kids. You may have already experienced some feelings similar to love, but you cannot understand without realizing what type of love it was.

    1. Unrequited love

    Unrequited love is going to be the most challenging one that makes you suffer and feel terrific pain. Many people you love just don’t feel the same about you that is quite heartbreaking. This love makes you stronger and more reasonable. You should learn to control your obsessive and emotional desire to get pure love with the person who doesn’t love you. Try to handle this pain and avoid focusing on this problematic feeling. Just go forward and you will have more chances to …

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