• How Hemp Seeds Can Boost Your Lung Health

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    Technically, hemp “seeds” are really not seeds at all, they are actually a fruit. Tiny and round, sort of like itty bitty sunflower seeds, they have a pleasing, mild and slightly nutty flavor. Unlike sunflower seeds they aren’t crunchy but instead are a bit more like sesame seeds, but even softer in texture. Hemp seeds sort of taste like pine nuts, but have an even mellower, milder flavor.

    When it comes to your health, I believe that every little bit helps. Amazingly, even something as simple as a seed could provide your body with many great health benefits. In fact, seeds might be the key to optimal health. Seeds are a big part of a healthy lifestyle. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds—they all make a great addition to morning oatmeal or an afternoon snack of Greek yogurt and berries. And if you like the taste, you’ll love the amazing health benefits—especially when it comes to hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are a controversial food. It is actually illegal to grow hemp seeds in the U.S. because they come from the same plant that produces marijuana, and they contain very small traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, washed hemp seeds are likely to be free of THC. Having said that, hemp seed products are legal in the U.S., and they are …

    “A great many doctors will tell you that you should not turn your back on the medical system,” Simpson writes. “They do not do this out of concern for their patients´ well-being but out of concern for their profession and paychecks. For quite some time, the medical system has been much more about money than they are about healing.” More public studies and research need to be conducted, though it’s unlikely the profit-driven medical system would allow a miracle cure like hemp oil to actually see the light of day in supermarkets and pharmacies. It’s likely anti-hemp legislation will continue until public demand for medicinal hemp use becomes completely legalized in the United States and other countries. Please Read this Article at



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