• Twice As Much Aluminum?: The FDA Approves a New HPV Vaccine

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    Human Papilloma Virus is what doctors believe is responsible for triggering cervical cancer in women, some forms of genital warts and vulval intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN). A new experimental vaccine called Gardasil is being developed against 4 types of HPV, 2 of which are thought to cause 70% of cervical cancers.

    However, HPV is extremely common and is present in upto 80% of people by the time they are 50, and it rarely develops into cancer. Cancer will only develop if the person is already in a state of dis-ease.

    According to recent reports, the FDA has approved yet another HPV vaccine, despite documented safety issues and the new vaccine containing an exceptionally high level of aluminum, a known neurotoxin.

    Until now, only two vaccines have been manufactured to protect men and women against human papillomavirus (HPV), a virus believed to be the leading cause of cervical cancer: Cervarix, which is believed to protect against strains 16 and 18 of the virus, and Gardasil, which is believed to protect against strains 6, 11, 16 and 18.

    A Third HPV Vaccine Hits the Market

    In December 2014, Gardasil 9 vaccine, manufactured by Merck Sharp and Dohme, was approved by the FDA. This vaccine appears to be somewhat of a “super” vaccine in comparison to the previous versions, as the FDA has claimed it can protect men and women against no less than NINE strains of the HPV virus.

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    Add this to the fact that Merck’s own website says this vaccine is not intended to take the place of regular check ups and pap smears. Then why take the chance and let your daughter be injected with Gardasil? This vaccine that contains chemicals such as an aluminum adjuvant – that has been linked to the Gulf War Syndrome, also contains polysorbate 80 – shown to cause infertility in rats,  as well as sodium borate – a common roach killer that has been attributed to causing unconsciousness, seizures and death — this chemical  is said to be  carcinogenic and known to cause cancer.

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