• Holy Grail Of Natural Medicine?

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    Herbal medicine is practiced in many cultures and has been successfully used for thousands of years.  An herbalist will prepare a treatment based on the consultation that they have with their client.  Generally plants and plant parts are used within the herbal remedy, but some cultures will also use animal or mineral products in their herbal mixtures.  The herbal remedy may take the form of teas, capsules, tablets, extracts, or tinctures, to name a few.  Herbal medicine is effective as the ingredients in the remedy contain natural chemicals and compounds that have biological activity.  Many conditions can benefit from the use of herbal medicine, from as simple as the common cold, to as complicated as digestive conditions and allergies.

    Dr. Rima Laibow

    Natural Solutions Foundation

    Well, if you were the US Fraud and Death Administration, you would demonize it with all of your might, pretending that it was ineffective, dangerous and bad for the world. That way, drug sales and government medical control of life and death would not be endangered.

    You would get your buddies in other agencies, including the Justice Department, to criminalize the good stuff and legitimize the stuff your Big Pharma buddies hawk which actually IS ineffective, dangerous and bad for the world.

    Of course the underground (internet, scuttlebutt, youtube) would have lots going on about it, but quality, reliability and availability would be serious problems for the Health Seeker (HS). That HS, struggling with cancer or Parkinson’s Disease or autism or chronic pain or depression or schizophrenia or anxiety or asthma or… that HS would be told that the One True Faith of the Church of the Great …

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