• Green Roof –eases off’ Natural Calamities

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    22.sloped_pitched_green_roofRoofs are typically made to protect t us from the natural elements present outside the house that has the potential hurt us. They were design to fit-in atop of our houses and are often the first to receive the devastating wrath of Mother Nature. It is easy to understand how much they are vulnerable to oxidation and a lot of damaging elements added to the list of factors to reduce the roof’s lifespan. Over the years roof are being developed mainly to withstand the many odds of weather elements.
    Apparently, there are developers out there that would not only design roofs to fight over the element of nature, but they also have manage to incorporate nature itself on their roofing system. The idea is to create a roof that could also provide a nurturing place for plants herbs and flowers. They are actual devising structured roof that could support this idea. They Were able to outline the benefits that we can get from having this kind roof, one of them is that we can regulate the amount of sunlight that comes inside our house, second is –we will be able to ease the flooding incident around us every time there is heavy rain.

    One solution offered by architectural researchers is known as a “green roof” — a roof covered in living, growing plants to soften the effects of heat, flooding, noise, and stormwater runoff.
    Elizabeth J. Grant, an assistant professor of architecture and design at Virginia Tech, will present ways for architects to determine the most effective depths of green roofing for stormwater control on Thursday at the International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies — also known as ICBEST — in Aachen, Germany.
    “With growing numbers of people moving into cities, it is crucial to give architects and builders tools to make good decisions about green roofs,” Grant said. “These systems are on the rise not just because they represent a link to the natural world that is scarce in the city, but because they work. Extremes of temperature and rainfall are becoming unpredictable as climates change, and vegetated roofs help us build …

    Today, not only house roofs are being developed that are going to the path of green living, but we can also see structures everywhere that go to that same direction, we have different buildings like; malls, churches and a lot more. This only proves that we are so much affected now on what is going on around us –climate change, global warming are two huge issues that we need to address before it’s too late.

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