• GMOs Can Be Ushering in a Pesticide Arms Race By Dr. Oz

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    Currently in its sixth season, the three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning syndicated daily series THE DR. OZ SHOW is hosted by the three-time Emmy Award-winning Dr. Mehmet Oz, trusted health expert, best- selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. THE DR. OZ SHOW is an entertaining, high-octane, multi-topic hour offering equal parts life saving information in an “embarrassment-free” zone and where nothing is off limits or out of bounds.

    One thing's for sure: when Dr. Oz speaks, people listen. Many a healthfood store and tea shop owner have saluted him when he mentions their goods on air – and their stores fill up. In the past he has drawn cheers and jeers for his fluctuating stances on organic food and genetically modified organisms in the food supply.

    Today, he makes a very clear stance, as a concerned doctor, against the EPA's pending approval of a new, toxic pesticide intended for use on genetically engineered crops like corn and soy – this country's biggest crops and food ingredients. He warns about floundering brain health, thyroid problems, chronic disease and more as a result of this stronger pesticide's use.

    Today's episode of The Dr. Oz Show examines a new GMO pesticide that the EPA is on the very brink of approving because GMO crops contain weeds that have become resistant to glyphosate …

    Dr. Oz challenges the food industry, the chemical industry and the government on GMO foods. The Environmental Protection Agency is on the brink of approving a brand new toxic pesticide – and you don’t even know about it. Are GMOs ushering in a pesticide arms race, and could your health be the casualty?

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