• GMOs And Monsanto: Fran Drescher

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    Fran Drescher had her share of criticism on issues that matters and are often justified. But now that word is getting out about what Monsanto has really done, more and more of Hollywood’s most well known actors and actresses in recent years are weighing in.

    Teen investigative filmmaker, Andrew Demeter, scored a candid interview with actress/comedian Fran Drescher about genetically engineered foods and chemical/seed corps like Monsanto. Fran, with her signature voice and laugh, is known for starring in and writing television series like The Nanny, Happily Divorced, as well as cult-classic movies like UHF.

    Looking lovelier than ever, Fran demonstrates her knowledge of GMO foods and food politics in the video below. She has ample reason to care about food and naturally supporting the body – she's a cancer survivor. Not only did she write about her recovery journey in New York Times bestseller Cancer Schmancer, but she also writes about health topics on her web site – Cancer  She has since celebrated many years free of uterine cancer.

    She dishes on why Monsanto is an example of “capitalism run amok” and even relates the story of what she told her mother about buying corn at the farmer’s market to avoid GMOs.

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