• Fungicides Create Drug-Resistant Species For Humans

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    We already know that pesticides, in addition to harming human health, can also create resistant varieties of insects and weeds.

    The same thing can happen when we are exposed to too many antibiotics. Some 50% of global antibiotics are used in livestock production and have been found to create resistant bugs that can harm human health.

    Spraying fungicides on crops could be aiding a life-threatening fungus suffered by tens of thousands of people in the UK each year.

    Although the link has been made before in the Netherlands, it’s the first time the link between drug resistance in Aspergillus and fungicides used on crops has been made in the UK. Experts warn their findings, published in the Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance,  are significant and raise serious implications for transplant patients, those with leukaemia and people who suffer from severe asthma.

    A huge threat to patients

    One of the researchers Guus van Muijlwijk, of the Department of Medical Microbiology at Radboud University says he believes merging antifungal resistance in human pathogenic fungi is causing a huge threat to patients, especially to those with weaken immune systems, and this study emphasises that there may be even a greater problem in treating such diseases.

    Noting that similar resistant species have …

    Diseases caused by Aspergillus affect millions of people worldwide, causing high morbidity and mortality. The only oral antifungal agents (triazoles) for human use are similar in structure to certain fungicides.

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