• Have You Heard of Ovega-3?

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    Ovega-3 is a vegetarian omega-3 supplement containing high levels of both DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, to support heart health. From a sustainable source, Ovega-3 offers the same heart healthy benefits of fish oil but without the “fishy” aftertaste or “fish burps” associated with many fish oils.

    By Dr. Victor Marchione

    By most accounts, it’s safe to say a vegan or vegetarian diet is much healthier than the average American diet. By electing to forgo processed meats and other products that pose certain health risks, plant-eaters can lower their risk of cancer and heart problems.

    Furthermore, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition, providing substantial amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and other important vitamins and minerals that are proven to promote health.

    Many Americans, whose diet is low in fruits and vegetables and high in starchier and fatty foods, have a far greater risk of high cholesterol, cancer, and heart disease. In fact, people who are vegan or vegetarian are 29% less likely to die from heart disease and 18% less likely to get cancer than their meat-eating counterparts.

    But that doesn’t mean vegetarians and vegans are necessarily getting all the valuable nutrition they need. They, like many Americans who don’t eat …

    Most people think fish are the original source of DHA and EPA omega-3s, but it's really the algae in their food chain that contain these important omega-3 fatty acids. Ovega-3 has cut out the middleman – fish – and gone directly to the source.

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