• Garden atop the Skyscraper and a Solar panel Road?

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    rooftop-gardensPeople’s initiative regarding the things that they thought should be innovated are getting far ahead (in a positive way) of what we thought it would never happened. Our ability to think an efficient plan to make things sustainable has increased in such beautify, though they are driven by the truth that our word, the earth is starting to lose its natural resources, natural gas, oil, electricity and even healthy soil. These are the things that will ignite chaos among us if they are gone. I mean not only that, global warming is now taking its tool to earth. Weather is changing constantly, seasons are no longer obeying the format of time. What does this mean? It means that whether we like it or not, we are not at the times where convenient farming, extracting energy from nature is no longer done in a normal manner.
    Not so long ago when people somewhere around the world is developing a roof (Solar panel inspired roof), that could extract electricity from the sun, a sign of a positive desperation –the purpose is to get rid of the sky rocketing electric bills that they are paying every month. Looks like they are not contented with it, they are now creating a proto type panel road! They are proposing to replace the entire roads in America with solar panel road, this could revolutionized green living. Speaking of green, people are now planting vegetables and other sorts of edible plants in their rooftop. Buildings are now being developed to cater not only humans, but also plants and herbs.

    Singapore is a tiny island republic. One could walk across it in a day. It is home to some 5 million people and arable land is more or less nonexistent. This means that the vast majority of Singapore's food is imported. Not only does this pose issues regarding what some call “food security,” it is also an added expense for Singaporeans who must pay extra for the lengthy logistical chain they live at the very end of. For an island covered in urban sprawl, the search for agricultural space ended not beneath Singapore's feet, but above their heads, on the rooftops.

    ComCrop is a social enterprise that has successfully proven just how useful that space above really is. Located “above” the heart of Singapore's premier shopping district (Orchard Road), ComCrop is said to use “6,000 square feet of space” to produce “8-10 times more than traditional farms over the same area …

    Brilliant minds are needed now a days in both the energy sectors and natural resources. The race against time is real, we are in fact way behind the persisting sings of global warming. We have to do something about these issues before its too late.
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