• Root Canals Can Severely Affect Your Health And Wellness

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    Root canal is a procedure in which dentists remove diseased or injured pulp that runs from a tooth's interior down its root. Pulp contains blood vessels and nerves and provides nutrients to the tooth. Infection in pulp can progress to an extremely painful abscess. In the past, a tooth with a diseased root had to be extracted, but dentists can now remove the pulp, seal off the cavity (root canal) to protect it and save the tooth. The idea that root canals pose a risk to general health comes from research suggesting that bacteria and viruses left behind at the tip of the root canal might persist and multiply in the space around the tooth. 

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    When you hear the term ‘root canal’ the majority of us automatically resort to thoughts of the pain that we have either directly experienced or vicariously heard to be associated with the procedure.In the United States alone, over 25 million root canals are performed annually and as a result are seen as a common practice and safe technique to overcome certain dental issues.However, suppressed research dating as far back as the 1920s shows that root canals may not be as safe as we are led to believe, and that they can in fact be detrimental to our health. Here is an incredibly informative video that Dr. Mercola has put together to fully summarize the issue.

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