• Fortified Cereals Could Cause Health Problems To Your Kids

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    167384740When you drop by to your grocery store and buy some healthy food for your kids –Fortified cereal might be first on your list, not only they are your kids’ favorite breakfast meal, but they are also perceived to be healthy, at least that’s what they tell us on TV. There was a recent study however that suggests a different finding about these types of food, Fortified Cereals to be exact. There are Millions of kids out there that have fortified cereals as part of their daily diet, these kids are ingesting on what they call it “unhealthy amounts of vitamin A, niacin and zinc, and fortified cereals”. This is a report coming from the Environmental Working Group, a Washington -based health research and advocacy firm. The researchers finding was that the fortified amounts are measured fit for adults but not for kids.
    The researched had led to a discovery that proper nutrients fit for kids is found less in fortified cereals. These products are not only misleading the people but they also post a threat on your child’s health and can cause serious problems. Kids that have been ingesting too much vitamin A, zinc and niacin, will likely developed liver problems, abnormal immune system, rashes and vomiting.

    According to a new report nearly half of American kids age eight and younger consume potentially harmful amounts of vitamin A, zinc and niacin because of excessive food fortification, outdated nutritional labeling rules and misleading marketing tactics used by food manufacturers.
    Produced by he Environmental Working Group, a national environmental health research and advocacy organisation, the report focuses on two food categories that are frequently fortified – breakfast cereals and snack bars, identifying 141 over-fortified products.
    Analysing more than 1550 cereals and 1000 snack bars, EWG researchers found 114 cereals fortified with 30% or more of the adult Daily Value for vitamin A, zinc and/or niacin. They include General Mills Total Raisin Bran, General Mills Wheaties Fuel, Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies and Kellogg’s Krave, among others.
    EWG also found that 27 common brands of snack bars, such as Balance Bars, Kind bars and Marathon bars, were fortified with 50% or more of the adult …

    There are probably hundreds of foods out there that we constantly ingested on a daily basis waiting to be discovered having a harmful effect on us. For the longest time we thought that fortified cereals are seriously healthy but we have been cheated, instead of protected; we similarly become a science project, feeding us food that are clouded with uncertainties.

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