• Mylar Bags –It’s a Must To Know How To Store Up Your Food Properly

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    mylar_bag_1Mylar bags are packaging materials that you will find necessary in times when you need something to be stored up for a long time, particularly food. They are somewhat an important piece of any credible food storage systems out there and have been utilized for many years now. A good designed Food storage made up of aluminized Mylar bags are used for lining food storage container. The thing about these bags is that they create an oxygen barrier mainly to protect the food in it and gives long-term duration on storing food. Mylar bags that are design for storing edible elements can be sealed using a standard heat sealing equipment or even with just an ordinary clothes iron. If not all, but majority of our bags are made to withstand heat.
    Typically, if you are using aluminum foil at home when you cook and store food -you will know better how this material can provide protection for your food while cooking and will prevent the food from being over-cooked, it will allow you to regulate your cooking experience as it will alleviate the heat and air getting into your food. It’s truly a total advantage for you because it will preserve your food for an extended period of time and protect them from the elements outside like: oxygen, light, moisture and odor, truly it is amazing what a Mylar bag does. The fact is; aluminum foil can easily tear, you probably noticed it by now if you have been using them, but aluminized Mylar bags have several layers also known as polyester resin and aluminum are bonded together tightly, they were designed to withstand greater weights and will not be easily tear down. This article will lead you to knowing how to store up your food using a Mylar bag.

    Holy moly, I used plastic tubing, a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, a yardstick, a straw, and iron and ironing board.
    Yes, it all worked but it was a bit tedious in that four hands were required to get the job done. I also have to tell you that there were a lot of laughs during the process as the pinto beans went flying everywhere!
    Years later, my method is so much simpler that I tend to forget about my initial struggles. With that in mind, today I am sharing a step by step show and tell, describing how you can easily move your beans, oatmeal and rice from their store packaging to Mylar (or metalized) bags. Read more

    It is very important to know how to save your food from spoiling, not only that, you should also choose the right materials for it, avoiding those containers that have a harmful chemical components which can mixed up with your food. You should be mindful about the factors to will allow you to store up food properly and safely.

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