• Food Rebellion – The New Revolution

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    Food RebelFood trends and patterns in the United States consist mostly of fast foods and instant foods. American diet is more inclined on high-caloric dense foods. Meaning, they are concentrated with energy-giving nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fat. A good example of this would be the all-time favorite burger.

    The food freedom bug has turned heads at PBS. Food Forward TV is a series that basically showcases people striving to dramatically transform the way we eat in the United States. “Food rebels” and outliers, so to speak. Across 50 cities, it showcases farmers, chefs, scientists, fishermen and ranchers with ways that deviate from the “conventional” large agricultural and food system. Some of their methods emulate traditional farming – which only seem unique to newer generations – but most are new, innovative solutions to feed the world. Will the world pay attention? Food Forward TV comes to PBS in September – watch the preview below.

    The featured pioneers are safely upping nutrition for humans, animals and the soil and eliminating losses through exorbitant waste by utilizing the ecology of the whole farm instead of large-scale compartmentalization. You may recognize some faces – one of them is Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy who has taken …

    Though traditional farming can do wonders in the transformation of American diet, new innovations and discoveries in farming is thought to yield improvements rivaling that of traditional farming.

    Instead of having partitions in the, the whole farm is being operated.

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