• FDA Denies Hope For Dying Kids, And Other Abuses Waged Against Families Struggling To Help Their Ailing Children: Medical System And Child Protective Services

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    Fundamentalist employers can opt out of paying for health insurance for contraceptive coverage for their workers, the U.S. Supreme Court said last week in the Hobby Lobby decision. Defensively, the five Catholic male Supreme Court justices in the majority took some time to insist that their ruling is narrow. Don’t believe it. The decision is a radical departure from prior law with monumental implications.

    It is often argued that the most heinous crimes that can be committed in our society are those committed against children. Defenseless children, who rely on the greater values and morality of society to provide for their safety, their growth and development.

    But what happens when the government stands between parents and the possible cure for their child's terminal illness? Take the following case for example.

    Medical injustices are becoming more routine and children seem to be the most vulnerable to such actions. You may have heard about the case of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, who was removed from her parents' custody by Massachusetts child protection officials after the Boston Children's Hospital filed a “medical child abuse” complaint against them, following a dispute over Justina's medical diagnosis.

    The state kept the teen hospitalized for close to a year, and wanted to place her in private foster care. According to the Pelletier's, Justina suffers from …

    Investing in our children’s health today helps create a strong workforce tomorrow. Children are the least expensive population to insure, and the investment now in their health will pay back in dividends later. Research shows that individuals with access to health care as children are less likely to have chronic health problems as adults. Children in All Kids are able to receive annual checkups and visit the dentist, which means that they receive necessary vaccinations and that illness can be caught early to allow for more time in the classroom. Children in All Kids have a “medical home,” which means that the state of Illinois has been successful in connecting individual All Kids enrollees to a provider who knows the child's health history and can provide health care on a regular basis. These investments ensure Illinois kids show up at school ready to learn and are on the right track to become healthy, productive young adults. We are proud of this progress, but we need to keep working to make sure no child is left uninsured. When 100 percent of our state’s children have coverage, every child, from every background and all areas in Illinois, will have the care they need to ensure a healthy start.

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