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    imagesWhy choose eucalyptus for firewood? You would probably know few reasons why eucalyptus is a good choice but there’s more to what you already know. I understand that people have different take on this, but to skip off the pleasantries –they’re the best. We know from a fact that Firewood in general has always been a fiery issue, not just literally but on an argumentative aspect indeed there are pros and cons about the excessive used of trees as firewood. Eucalyptus is a type of wood that gains a favorable nod to some people but despise by others, the key factors reflected on their Price value, accessibility, and characteristic as a firewood. To sum it all, eucalyptus is definitely an ideal firewood.
    This type of firewood is famous for its ability to convey heat, this has something to do with its oil trap inside the wood and goes along with their ability to produce a huge degree of fire. This has made eucalyptus highly recommended by some stove distributers or chimney sweeps for their characteristics for burning. However if you want to regulate its heat, if you think they are creating too much fire then you can actually mixed them up with different firewood to get the right amount of heat you needed.

    It’s recommended that you grow the trees quite close together to form your hedge, and in year two, or when the trunk is two inches in diameter, cut every other tree to a foot tall, just trimming the others to the required height. This cutting allows good strong trunks to build up, which makes not only a fine hedge but excellent firewood.
    For the first five years the trunks are nothing much, just a few inches in diameter, but repeated cutting back will see them thicken up, and the uncut ones maintain your hedge.
    Eucalyptus should be planted small, once they are potbound, as anything much over a foot tall will be, they can take several years to recover and will not grow with the vigour they should. Small, weedy looking eucalyptus will grow very well once in the ground. In pots anything except the smallest plants will develop a spiral root …

    There are many types of firewood out there but it is believed that eucalyptus is on top of the list because if their characteristics to produce fire on chimney or stove. Their ability to grow is exceptional which make them productive.

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