• E-Cigarette Smokers are Likely to be Poisoned

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    Because of the growing number of cases concerning lungs and liver diseases that linked in cigarette smoking, Electronic cigarettes were created, this piece of invention is supposed to give a taste of real cigarette to the user without inheriting the nicotine that a real cigarette would release, it is a tube crafted to look like real cigarette. E-cigarettes contains a cartridge filled with a nicotine-substance in liquid form that is vaporized by some heating element that is driven by a battery. Nicotine vapor is inhaled by smokers, like a regular cigarette. They actually come in a different content, some e-cigarettes said to have a nicotine-free cartridges. They also have different flavors, depending on how strong or moderate taste you like. Despite the used of nicotine most of the company that are selling them insist that it’s a lot safer to use e-cigarettes compare to the real ones.

    Thou this particular invention doesn’t work like the real thing, this doesn’t mean they don’t have side-effects.There is not enough or solid evidence that linked nicotine to be the cause cancer, still it contains toxin and is extremely addictive substances. Anyone who inhales it aggressively would likely take in some of the liquid nicotine instead of the vaporize substance, nicotine is known to have an effect on the cardiovascular system. E-cigarettes also contain propylene glycol –a substance which easily turns to smoke if it is heated.

    Despite the reviews, which is most of them are good, the fact still remains that toxic substances are present in e-cigarette, the filtering method is a bit safer compare to the real thing but it doesn’t guarantee safety. Resent study shows, that the number of poisoned related to smoking e-cigarettes went sky rocket.

    Nothing Natural in Electronic Cigarettes or Fake Pot

    One of the reasons e-cigarettes and are causing so many poisonings is that they are unnatural—synthesized in a lab—and often loaded with heavy metals, solvents, and a hodgepodge of toxic chemicals.

    With synthetic marijuana, there is no end to the potentially deadly combinations of laboratory-fabricated chemicals. Various versions are being imported, mostly from Asia, under the guise of potpourri, herbal incense, and even “plant food.”

    There are so many versions that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) can't keep up with them. Every time one chemical is banned, the “cooks” just substitute another, none of which have been safety tested of course. Many are causing severe, disabling, and even fatal reactions.

    The rate at which poisonings are escalating argues in favor of the legalization of marijuana. While not completely safe, marijuana is a natural herb that offers many health benefits. These synthetic drugs offer NONE of …

    Many of our friends who smoke are trying their best to avoid the harmful effect of nicotine instead -that is why they were thrilled to find out about e-cigarette and how safe it is compare to your regular smoke. But over the years, this statement is being challenge, the makers of these products were proved wrong on their argument regarding the safety of the product. Smoking remains dangerous and will continue to be dangerous.

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