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    A piece of advice we often hear when it comes to being successful and feeling a sense of fulfillment in life is to “follow our passion.” But before you can follow your passion, you have to find it. So where do you look for it? How do you really discover what you are deeply passionate about? You may have sought out clues to your passion in things like personality inventories, self-help books or career assessment tests. Or perhaps you are considering your hobbies or looking back to things you enjoyed as a kid to gather some clues about what you love. And although those places may offer you great insight into your passion, today I am encouraging you to look for your passion somewhere else: in your suffering.

    By Josh Richardson

    For some, hobbies become their passion and they always have a strong foundation for pursuing what they enjoy. For others it's more complicated because they either have trouble discovering the challenges that inspire them, or that one thing that really makes them tick. Either way, we all have something that excites us, and once we've found our passion we can grow it into anything we like, whether it be a business, a hobby, a people's network or simply something that inspires us to get out bed in the morning. When we're in our passion, we have endless energy, we're never bored and we are always striving to improve ourselves doing what we love. Here's how to discover your passion.

    Finding passion in your workplace may be a difficult task since the crowded, competitive, materialistic and often frustrating environment is often not conducive to finding what makes you excited.

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