• Stop, It is Killing You Sweetly

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    What is tastier is more deadly? The more we want to satisfy our appetite the more we should be aware of what the results should be. The average consumption of sugar in the United States has increased until it now exceeds 150 pounds each year per person. Come to think of it. Bakery goods, jellies, canned fruits, candy, ice cream, and soft drinks, as well as sugar used breakfast cereal all have it. Food with high sugar content will subtly lose ones desire for food which has necessary nutritional value. How do we slowly minimize the sugar intake in our diet? What to avoid?

    Fruit Juices, Sports Drinks and Soda

    A soda is a can full of empty calories and should be avoided if possible. Soda is most likely one of the leading contributing factors that has led to the increased rise in obesity within the United States and Canada. The States has done an okay job at eliminating soda from schools, but this has largely been replaced with an increase of sports drinks and “fruit” juices which also contain high levels of sugar, sometimes just as much or more than soda.

    Be a Vigilant Consumer
    Prioritize health over taste and read labels when going to groceries. Check the ingredients and do not be deceived pure juices, processed food packages. Sometimes taking time to look over what you pick and place on the grocery cart will help.

    Try Whole Food Diet
    Our body is able to properly process the sugar when we go on a whole food diet.

    A whole food is a food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances. Whole foods can include: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, herbs and spices, even meat, chicken, eggs and milk.

    Go Natural as Necessary!
    There is nothing wrong with going back to the basics with food. Organic food products are free from genetically modified ingredients. Although, there are always limitations and regulations when consuming and eating. It is always to check and be aware of your intake. Artificial sweeteners are still artificial; the absence of the natural value of course has its results. As much as you could avoid them.

    It is true that sugar provides quick energy, but the empty calories don’t have important vitamins and minerals that would nourish and supplement our body’s needs. As food manufacturers processed their products more appealing to the consumer, that’s doubled by taking away the nutritional value of the product. Let’s be well aware to cut out processed and refined sugars from our lifestyle of food intake. Too much sugar is detrimental to our health and may cause damage to our body’s metabolic process. Dental Problems, Obesity, Diabetes, premature aging are just a few to mention that may result of too much intake and poor choices of the food we eat.

    It is not too late; let us pick the right choice. Sweetly and surely it could kill, choose to be healthy. An ounce of prevention goes a long way to celebrate a more happy and healthy life.

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