• Misinformation -Rampant in the World of Health Medicine

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    Prescription blankShould this appeal be importunate to the concern -but the public in general have a right and should be given accurate and pertinent information before they receive medical care, so that they can make sound judgment concerning suitable treatment. The responsibility of any medical industry to provide accurate information is empowered by statute or case law in all 50 states in the US, Many of these laws require the state health department to develop a full detailed written materials that must be distributed to the concerns. However, this mandate has not been entirely enforced, otherwise, why are we left in the dark about believing those altered information, orchestrated by big pharma groups to gain the trust of the people. Even media groups have played a role on deceiving the public, making us believe on wrong information.

    Why it is our government is tolerating such bias dissemination of information? The question of which we fear so much is –if these things are happening now, are we electing public officials that wants us dead? The writer is emphasizing the danger that the public/citizens is facing every everyday just because we got the wrong information on the medicines we are buying in the market, when a huge pharma is proved to have been involve in fraud nobody, not even their representative goes to jail, they pay their fines and walk away from it. This is somewhat an ill industry.

    When Money Talks, Toxins Become ‘Proven Safe'

    As reported by Mother Jones, ACSH has gone to bat time and again for its donors, offering supporting evidence when industry profits were threatened. For example, funding from Georgia-Pacific, a leading formaldehyde maker, helped the ACSH file a lawsuit that overturned a ban on formaldehyde insulation. The group has also gone on record stating that fracking “doesn't pollute water or air.” A couple of other examples offered by Mother Jones:

    “ACSH defended the chemical Alar, used to regulate the growth of apples—and accepted donations from Uniroyal, which manufactured and sold Alar. It also opposed new mandatory nutrition labeling requirements—and pocketed money from Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kellogg Co., Nestle USA, and the National Soft Drink Association.”

    Such blatant conflicts of interest used to be frowned upon, but have now become so common that many fail to realize just how dangerous that can be. In the end, when …

    This is not the service we have expected from the government, and huge pharma whom we thought their intention was to cure, and not to poison us.  We also should do something about media puppets. They have been bribed to tell lies in front of the camera. This would result to poor credibility on their part.

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