• Lavado –Fights off Alzheimer’s Diseases

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    cocoa4382A cocoa-extraction called Lavado could save you from Alzheimer or any cognitive problems, this particular substance from cocoa alleviates the damage to the nerve’s pathways, and this is actually detected on patients that are associated with Alzheimer’s. It is said to prevent the illness even prior to the development of any symptoms. This method were proven through an experiment made by some students using mice that are genetically designed to imitate Alzheimer’s disease and mimic its effect. The result was positive, indeed Lavado, a cocoa extract substance prevents the protein ?-amyloid- (A?) from damaging the brain.
    Inside the brain of a person with this particular cognitive illness, a protein called beta-amyloid will mount up in the gaps that exist between nerve cells, this will disturb the flow of signals between them and as a result the person will have problems and will only get worse as it is irreversible. The lavado extract is made up of a type of antioxidant called “polyphenols,”

    The study, which involved laboratory animals, tested the effects of extracts from Dutched, natural, and lavado cocoa, which are known to contain different levels of antioxidant polyphenols.
    Keeping the brain firing on all cylinders
    The researchers were looking at the effects of the cocoa extracts on synapses, the gaps between nerve cells.
    Within healthy nerve pathways, each nerve cell sends an electric pulse down itself until it reaches a synapse where it triggers the release of chemicals called neurotransmitters that float across the gap and cause the downstream nerve cell to “fire” and pass on the message.
    In Alzheimer’s disease, the protein beta-amyloid (A?) can form sticky clumps (oligomers) around synapses that physically interfere with synaptic structures and disrupt the mechanisms that maintain our memory circuits.
    The A? oligomers also trigger inflammatory responses with the intention of destroying a foreign body, but they actually cause damage to the brain’s own cells.
    Potential to repair damage
    The scientists …

    Alzheimer's disease can be regulated, then this is really good news for some of our old loved ones who desire to stay mentally fit in the years to come.

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