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    sunflower_sprouts2The factor that will determine your health in both physical and mental aspect is the food that you eat. It is very crucial to play with your diet especially if you are approaching the age where you are already at the sunset of your life, by this I meant the older you get, the more you become fragile in almost all aspect of your being, the best thing you can do is to carefully watch what you eat and give yourself a daily doze of the healthiest food that will surely give you a head start on your everyday life.
    Choosing what food that goes on your dining table is a bit tricky, you are given a wide variety of healthy foods for your healthy diet, but it is not too difficult to choose from them as they all serve a healthy purpose. However, good diet is also rooted on the principle of “Balance” this means, that everything that you ingested should have the right amount of nutrients your body can get, it will still fall under the expression of “Too much of anything is bad” how do we choose the right food?

    If optimal health is your goal, there's no getting around your diet. Your physical health is a direct reflection of what you put into your body, and how you live your life in general.
    Pre-packaged processed foods may be convenient, but cooking from scratch using fresh unprocessed ingredients is a must if you want to improve your health.
    Remember that one of the keys to staying healthy is avoiding processed foods as much as possible. This means someone, you, your spouse, or someone else, needs to spend regular time in the kitchen.
    Once you're eating non-adulterated foods—foods that are as close to their natural state as possible—then basically everything you eat is a “superfood.” You need nutrients—all of them—and nutrients are found in abundance in fresh, raw foods.

    Still, lists of specific items can be helpful to steer you in the right direction. So to help you get started, the following 15 foods are …

    Our body is not entirely perfect, in some ways it gives in to the different harmful elements coming from outside especially air Bourne viruses. It is always good not to let your guard down, be healthy, stay healthy and live healthy by what you do, eat and drink.

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