• Coca-cola’s One Only Purpose

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    Not so fast. Before you pop the top off the caramel-colored bubbly, know this: guzzling diet soda comes with its own set of side effects that may harm your health–from kickstarting kidney problems to adding inches to your waistline. Unfortunately, diet soda is more in vogue than ever. Kids consume the stuff at more than double the rate of last decade.

    Far be it from me to defend Coca-Cola’s advertisements.  They have only one purpose: to get you to buy more of the company’s flavored, colored, caffeinated water with nearly a teaspoon of sugar per ounce.

    Drink a 20-ounce Coke?  That’s 18 teaspoons.

    But you have to hand it to Coke’s marketers.

    They just got me to write about the fuss over the company’s “It’s Beautiful” Super Bowl ad, which shows people of all colors and kinds singing America the Beautiful in—can you believe this?—foreign languages.

    The response?  Tweeted bigotry:

    WTF? @CocaCola has America the Beautiful being sung in different languages in a #SuperBowl commercial? We speak ENGLISH here, IDIOTS.

    What amazes me about the response is that Coca-Cola has been doing commercials like this for decades.

    Remember these?

    • 1971  I’d like to teach the world to sing…in 17 languages
    • 1987 General Assembly for the 1992 Olympics…rainbow coalition

    Why this sudden outpouring of xenophobia and homophobia?

    It’s disturbing to think about why this is happening now, …

    If you drink sodas — especially if you drink a lot of them — what are you to make of all the headlines? Do you dismiss them, as the beverage industry does, as bad science and media hype? Or is it time to put the can down and take a hard look at what you're drinking?



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