• Cargill’s Venture On Its New Non-GMO Product

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    031511cargill_mh23.slideshow_main.prod_affiliate.80Cargill has been very hands on, extending their participation on a global scale vast and ambitious -playing its role as a supplier for food manufacturers in both non-GM crops and non-GM crops. The various venture of Cargill’s of non-GM products are cocoa, sweeteners, fibers, texturizers, oils, chocolate and starches, in additional with R&D and their abilities to supply good on a global scale, this advantage allows Cargill to help different manufacturers to manage the system of developing such products and of course, how these products are being distributed in the most efficient way. Their system is associated with reformulating to non-GMO aspects.
    Let’s be critical for one second, and evaluate Cargill’s move toward friendly zone. They are obviously trying to look good on people. That they might get rid of scandal of “pink slime” this particular element is definitely ill and they surely need a plan B, their process for treating the meat filler involves citric acid instead of ammonium hydroxide gas. Citric acid sounds harmless and ordinary, but they are actually made from the fermentation of crude sugars from corn – most of which is genetically modified. The hydrolyzed proteins create the release of free glutamic acid (like MSG) and could initiate the cause of allergies to people who don’t do well on MSG products. Bottom line is –they pretty much support genetic modification in agriculture in the fullest extent.

    Cargill just announced its introduction of a soybean oil made from identity-preserved (IdP), conventionally-bred (non-GM) soybeans for “customers interested in exploring a non-GMO claim on their product label.” The oil is refined in Cargill’s Des Moines, Iowa plant in a process certified by SGS, a global inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
    Does that mean Cargill is distancing itself from the food genetic modification techniques of biotech?
    Not by a long shot.
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    Cargill's food ingredients commercial manager Ethan Theis said:
    Despite the many merits of biotechnology, consumer interest in food and beverage products made from non-GM ingredients is growing, creating opportunities and challenges for food manufacturers and food service operators.
    Cargill says supplies for its new oil are limited, but they have signed on at least one food manufacturer. According to Theis, producing this oil was intricate due to finding a …

    Huge GMO key players are covering their asses with good advertisements, good PR and fancy offers and gigantic deals that involves a lot of cash. These schemes are obviously birth out of deception, a fraudulent move indeed to preach their sugar-coated poisoned-products.

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