• Building your Home in a Sustainable Farmland

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    Building your Home in a Sustainable FarmlandWhen you think of an ideal homestead you would probably think of Mr. Frodo Baggins’ hometown on the movie “The Lord of the Rings” where they cultivate their food right in front of their houses, everything they eat is harvested on their field and backyard. Thou the movie is fictional, the way the hobbits live there life is so pattered to how our ancestor lived their lives, and in fact you can see this kind of lifestyle mostly in the third world country. Where farming technology is not yet developed. Instead of machines plowing the soil, they use farm animals to do it.

    This means that sustainable homestead is achievable, however, there are factors to consider, like the landscaping of the area, the kind of soil, fit for planting, the availability of water that would sustain farming. These are just few of the factors. Planning is one thing a person should do before jumping on the project, by this I meant the feasibility study should already been laid out for the implementation. This project could come out challenging. But with the right knowledge of crops, plants, trees, irrigation and soil, you’ll be able to create a suitable place to live in the middle of your farm. The thing that you should consider is the Location.

    Location, Location, Location!

    Careful thought should be put into this lifestyle change. Ideally, a survival retreat is located in a region with most or all of the following characteristics:

    A long growing season

    Geographic isolation form major population centers

    Sufficient year-round precipitation and surface water

    Rich topsoil

    A diverse economy and agriculture

    Away from interstate freeways and other channelized areas

    Low taxes

    Non-intrusive scale of government

    Favorable zoning and inexpensive building permits

    Minimal gun laws

    No major earthquake, hurricane, or tornado risks

    No flooding risk

    No tidal-wave (at least two hundred feet above sea level)

    Minimal forest-fire risk

    A lifestyle geared toward self-sufficiency

    Plentiful local sources of wood or coal

    No restrictions on keeping livestock

    Defensible terrain

    Not near a prison or large mental institution

    Inexpensive insurance rates (home, auto, health)

    Upwind from major nuclear-weapons targets

    These key characteristics are to be used as a guide to find the right land that suits you and your family. Ideally, wherever the personal retreat is located, the most important aspect of a retreat is sustainability. …

    To create a home and an a sustainable environment could take up so much of your time, energy and money, but when you are able to go through the nuts and bolts of this project, you’ll be able to enjoy a sustainable homestead and live in a place where everything you eat is readily available in your surroundings. You don’t need to buy food in the groceries store, you will be eating organic food instead of GMO products. You will be feeding your animals through whatever food available in the area which is organic, like grass. Animals that eats organic food is healthy and fit for human consumption

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