• Vaccines with Mercury –Are They Trying to Poison Us?

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    mercury_liquidThe last time I checked, mercury remains in the cluster of poisonous or toxic elements in the periodic table. This means that any product that are associated with mercury is not fit for human use of consumption. The problem with mercury is that it is so poisonous that it can pretty much destroy clean element, like the air above, and the water down below. Not only will that; anyone who is expose to the said chemical will likely have brain damage. Methyl mercury has ruined more than 630,000 newborn infants annually, destroying the brain and nervous system development. Lack in the aspect of cognition, common sense, language, memory and motor skills have all been associated to children that has exposed to methyl mercury during pregnancy stage.
    When power plant is at work, Mercury is discharge to the air. Most of the common establishments that produces mercury base pollution are chemical manufacturers, industrial facilities and cement plants. For the longest time, a lot of companies have products that utilize mercury. They manufacture a wide range of products including vehicle headlights in different kinds, thermometers, thermostats and a lot more. These products could potentially discharge mercury. When Mercury pollution is set off into the environment, it becomes a serious problem in the ecosystem, mercury can destroy living creatures in the ocean, and all living animals that moves in the ground. Mercury is marked to be very dangerous, this foul elements whose nature is to poison is now being processed and added in the medicines, particularly vaccines.

    We hear about President Obama's proposed tax, which apparently will kill the coal mining and coal power generation industries in order to curb carbon emissions. Besides, mercury is released from coal burning [5]. However, mercury seems to be everywhere according to the EPA's website, which lists sources of consumer products containing mercury.

    On that EPA website we read this regarding mercury in vaccines:
    U.S. FDA's Information on Mercury-Containing Medicines, Antibiotics and Vaccines – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides a list of mercury-containing drug and biologic products, including the types and percentages of mercury ingredients in each of these products. The list includes non-homeopathic human and veterinary drug products and human biological products. Homeopathic drug products are not included because of the low amounts of mercury present in the products. Additional information on thimerosal content for biological products can be found on their Thimerosal in Vaccines and Mercury in Plasma-Derived …

    The government, whose purpose is to protect the safety and the interest of the people, should not close their eyes on what they see everywhere regarding the threat that the people is facing every day because of this product.

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