• Big Business Collusion To Eradicate Freedom Of Choice: Documentary Reveals Shocking Extent

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    The mass rush for food change and reform, psychiatry has green lighted a public relations push to spread awareness about their new buzzword “orthorexia nervosa,” defined as “a pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.” In other words, experts are moving toward saying that our demand for nutrient-dense, healthful food is a mental disorder that must be treated.

     “America would be far, far healthier if the government had never told us what to eat.”  – Joel Salatin in “Freedom From Choice”

    Maybe It's Time to Cry Over Spilled Milk

    In sharp contrast to the US, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Italy sell raw milk in vending machines. In some cases, US standards for raw milk are even higher than pasteurized milk.

    For example, California has among the highest raw milk standards—farmers must meet or exceed pasteurized milk standards, without pasteurizing.

    The vast majority of foodborne illnesses in the US are actually linked to factory farmed and highly processed foods, not raw foods. Disease-causing bacteria are the result of industrial farming practices that lead to diseased cows, which then produce contaminated milk.

    The Telltale Squeak of the Revolving Door

    The US food system revolves around money. To run for office, you need a vast amount of it. If you want to run …

    Preservation of health freedom in mind, Health Liberty is a joint mission among National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Fluoride Action Network (FAN), Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), Organic Consumers Association (OCA), and Consumers for Dental Choice, to help protect every American’s freedom to make voluntary health choices. Each partner-organization has a rich history of advocacy and active campaigning for change and better access to truly empowering health information.

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