• Bicycle Helmet: Outdated safety Standards and need to be Replace!

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    Bicycle Helmet Outdated safety Standards and need to be ReplaceHow do we know that the bicycle helmet that we just purchased is not safe anymore (According to studies), they are patterned in an outdated standard set by the government. Helmets are so important to help us protect our head from crashing to the ground or something else that potentially damage or brain and causes death. In all forms of accident, it is the head that is mostly suggested that we should protect. The head is the only sole protector of our brain from a possible external threat.

    Once the brain experience a considerably hostile impact from the outside, it could cause comma, brain damage or worst death. That is why helmets are created to prevent such scenario. However, studies show that the level of safety measure it gives is no longer sensible with the type of environment we have in our community, with the type of vehicles we have now a days, sharing the roads, considering the speed they are moving across, back and forth. Accidents are avoidable but it could happen anytime. Bicycle accidents are the most fatal when it is associated with a clash, regardless of the type of vehicles or hard objects.

    There are inventors however, they have devote themselves to creating a head gear especially for Bicycle riders.

    MIPS: The Latest Technology in Bicycle Helmets

    Most bicycle helmet improvements in recent decades have focused on making helmets lighter, better ventilated and more comfortable to wear. It wasn't until 2008 that Swedish neurosurgeon Hans Von Holst, along with mechanical engineer Peter Halldin, developed a new technology called MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact ­Protection System). MIPS offered something that previous helmets did not: a possibility of reducing concussions. As reported in Bicycling Magazine.

    “Halldin [and] Von Holst noted that the head has a built-in protection ­system of sorts—a low-friction layer of cerebrospinal fluid between the brain and the skull. The fluid allows the brain to move a bit; it acts as an energy-absorbing system. Von Holst and Halldin hatched an idea: What if they mimicked that action within a helmet?

    That wasn't their only insight. Since the 1950s the drop test has been based on a straight 90-degree impact. But… studies have shown that most …

    Bicycle helmets are essential to keep us a little bit safer from hurting on possible accidents, but choosing the right helmets might require us more than what the government require standards. If you are a bicycle enthusiast, then all the more you should be more investing on its safety gears, helmet is one of them. Life on earth is only given once, we should know how to protect it.

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