• Spiritual Lessons To Live A Better Life

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    There is a growing body of evidence indicating that spiritual practices are associated with better health and wellbeing for many reasons. Many spiritual traditions encourage participation in a community. Spiritual fellowship, such as attending church or a meditation group, can be sources of social support which may provide a sense of belonging, security, and community. Strong relationships have been proven to increase wellbeing and bolster life expectancy, which is perhaps why one study found a strong association between church attendance and improved health, mood, and wellbeing.

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    There are many lessons we can learn during the course of our lives that can help us overcome our problems and live in contentment.

    In this post I would like to share some of the greatest such lessons I have learned. For this reason I have compiled a list of 25 spiritual lessons that I find of utmost importance. Everyone should try to understand them and always keep them in mind.

    1. Never let anyone’s behavior tell you what to do. You are a free being and responsible for your actions.
    2. We are all connected. If you help another being, you are helping yourself. If you hurt another being, you are bound to hurt yourself.
    3. Don’t be afraid of painful experiences. Pain is neither good nor bad in itself, but we can deal with it in good and bad ways.
    4. When you drop all desires and expectations about how people should be, you will never …

    Although religion and spirituality may not cure illness, they can have a positive effect on your health. Several medical studies show a connection between religious beliefs or practices and a decreased risk of self-destructive behaviors such as smoking, substance abuse and suicide. Other studies suggest that people who have regular religious practices tend to live longer and may be better able to enjoy life despite health issues like chronic pain.


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