• Autism, Schizophrenia and Air pollution

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    air-pollution_12312There are a lot of factors in the environment that would also play a huge role in the development of autism, they ranges from the food that you eat to the chemicals that you are associated with every day, scientist are focusing on these factors, knowing that these existing causes have not been fully studied yet on how they are complementing autism. Same goes to Schizophrenia, this particular illness is also linked to the food that we eat and the chemicals outside that we are expose every day.
    Constant exposure of air pollution in the early life causes hostile changes in the brain, this had been linked to autism and schizophrenia. Researchers were able to find out about the said effect base on their experiment when they tested it on mice. This problem could go on and on, and will continue to link any pollution related problem. Recently, traffic pollution has also been added on the list, to be the cause of autism in children.

    The study which used an animal model and found that, as in autism and schizophrenia, these brain changes occurred predominately in males. The animals also performed poorly in tests of short-term memory, learning ability, and impulsivity.
    Although based on animal model the findings are consistent with several recent studies that have shown a link between air pollution and autism in children. Most notably, a 2013 study in JAMA Psychiatry reported that children who lived in areas with high levels of traffic-related air pollution during their first year of life were three times as likely to develop autism.
    Another in 2013 from the Harvard School of Public Health found that women in the US exposed to high levels of air pollution while pregnant were up to twice as likely to have a child with autism as women who lived in areas with low pollution. Other studies have also found this increased level of …

    It is becoming clearer now that the kind of environment we have is no longer safe. We are constantly expose in the air as we breathe without knowing how it is already causing damage to our brain.
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