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    Efficient ways to purify your WaterFor decades of inventing ways to purify water, people are very successful to finding out solutions to produce safe drinking water everywhere, this idea was birth out because of the epidemic that cause by water in the early years of our civilization, which took lives in a greater scale. During the heydays, bacteria that are present in the water is unnoticed as they only have limited equipment to study them. One factor also is the technology, they don’t have high-tech purifier machines and formulated chemicals that are applied to the water to get rid of the deadly bacteria.

    Despite the report that drinking water in the US today is safe for human consumption, the number of issues concerning the safety of drinking water is increasing, and this follows as more and more toxic elements are found in groundwater supplies. This Worry much a number of people about what it can do to our health given the presence of contaminants in the water, this made the consumers to think about how they can insure the safety of their water in their their water supply. We actually have a wider options to purify our water, we can start by installing water treatment system in our home and stock safe drinking water in a safe container, however not all people can afford to that, that is why there are efficient ways to purify you water without spending too much.

    Learn the Valuable Skill of Purifying Water

    To avoid water-related illnesses, it is imperative to learn how to filter your water using materials available to you. Here are three ways of purifying water for drinking. These are also great projects to do with children to teach them this valuable skill.

    1. Homemade Water Filter

    When you begin to filter water from lakes, rivers and groundwater, there are 4 steps to keep in mind:

    Coagulation: removes dirt, metals and other particles suspended in water. Chemicals like Alum are added to the water that form sticky particles called “floc” which attract the dirt particles.

    Sedimentation: the combined weight of the sediment and chemicals stuck together become heavy and sink to the bottom.

    Filtration: smaller particles are removed as water passes through a series of filters (sand, gravel, charcoal)

    Disinfection: to kill bacteria or microorganisms found in the water, a small amount of chlorine is added.

    Materials You Will Need:

    * 1-liter …

    1. Cut 1-liter soda bottle in half and put top of soda bottle upside-down (similar to a funnel) inside the bottom half. The top half will build the filter, the bottom half will hold the filtered water.
    2. Add napkin, cheesecloth or paper towel at the neck of the inverted bottle.
    3. Add filtration materials in this sequence:
    • 1 inch of charcoal
    • 2 inches sand
    • 1 inch gravel
    • 2 inches sand
    • 1 inch gravel

    4.  Add unfiltered water and allow water to seep through the filter.
    5.  For added measure, it is recommended to chemically treat filtered water to kill off any pathogens that were not filtered.

    Water is so important for the survival of almost all living organism, the lack of water can kill faster than starvation, a glass of unsafe water can damage our system, and this is how easy a bacteria can get inside our body. The abundance of water does not guaranty safety to us, our body only warrants clean water to get inside our system and does its job of keeping it alive.

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