• Artificial Sweetener – Finally gets a nod of approval

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    Sugar is one of the sweetest thing nature has given us. But because of the growing number of people with diabetes, the market for artificial sweetener is on the race –creating a sweetener that would satisfy our daily dose for sweetness and prevent the sugar in our body from raising at the same time. Having diabetes is no fun, you have to turn down all food that has high content of sugar whether you like it or you like it; sounds like you don’t have a choice.

    The number of artificial sweetener out in the market today is quite booming, they are growing over the years, different brand names and all, but this doesn’t mean that all of them are safe, there are those that have side effects, others leave a bad taste in the mouth. A lot of them really are just imitations of product that had already been existing, but failure to copy its formula and they end up harmful to our body.

    However there are products that are FDA approve, it means it is safe for human consumption? Well, to be honest with you guys, not all FDA approve are safe for human consumption, there are products in the market today on a wider range that has the approval of FDA but not safe for the consumers, on this case, a new sweetener is newly introduce in the market today, they call it “Advantame” this artificial sweetener serves its purpose (at least for now), but we have yet to find out the entire components of this product and I am a little worried about what we are going to find out.

    Advantame is 20,000 times sweeter than regular table sugar, gram per gram, according to LA Times.

    Whoa – why so intense? According to the FDA, advantame can serve as a replacement for aspartame. Also, it looks like it circumvent a phenylalanine warning (for those with phenylketonuria [PKU]) since so little is needed. It does, however, contain phenylalanine. Although not meant for meat and poultry it does look like it was intended to sweeten many things based on the FDA statement.

    These three things tell me that we can expect this product to be in the food system soon – as soon as it gains a brand name. We can expect it more so than its most recent predecessor, neotame, approved in 2002 and still without a brand name. I've never seen that sweetener in an ingredients list, unlike sucralose which flourished in grocery store food and beverages.

    The FDA, of course, declared it …

    The writer however is reminding the public that artificial intake is still artificial, no matter what form they appear. Chemicals are still chemicals. I believe that consumers now a days are getting smarter and smarter about the choice of food they are buying in the market.

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