• How Hard Its To Swallow Your Vitamins

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    The recent country-wide demonstrations against homeopathy, in which sceptics staged mass “overdoses” of homeopathic remedies, illustrated the bitter divide between those who believe in this complementary medicine and critics who dismiss it as quackery. Homeopathic practitioners argue that their remedies are effective, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. And sceptics, pointing to this evidence, retort that homeopathy is a waste of both private and public money and can be downright dangerous, if used to treat a life-threatening condition like cardiovascular disease.

    About 40 percent of Americans have trouble swallowing pills, even though in most cases these same people report no trouble swallowing food or beverages.

    For some, the difficulty is severe enough that it prevents them from using pills altogether, which can be problematic if you’re interested in supporting your health with supplements or in the cases where medications are truly necessary.

    In a minority of cases, the problem may be physical. Dysphagia, or underlying swallowing difficulties, stroke, or surgery for gastroesophageal reflux can all make it difficult to swallow pills. In most cases, however, the difficulty is psychological in nature, often related to a fear of gagging.

    Swallowing Pills May Throw Off Your Body’s Natural Swallowing Process

    Stephen Cassivi, a thoracic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic, who specializes in esophageal disorders, spoke with the Wall Street Journal about swallowing pills, and explained why so many people may find it difficult. There is a natural, three-phase …

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