• Are You Fed Up?: Food Matters

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    The latest in a line of documentaries critiquing the American diet, “Fed Up” quickly zeroes in on what would appear to be its villain. According to the film, added sugar, in all forms — including not just the demonized high-fructose corn syrup, but also more natural-sounding throwbacks such as “pure” cane sugar — is almost single-handedly responsible for what one interview subject calls the obesity tsunami sweeping the nation, as well as the sharp rise in diabetes.

    The movie documentary FED UP may not have played at theaters near you – but very recently, it was made available on DVD and online. The tagline is: “It's time to get real about food.” But will viewers really be empowered to do that when they watch?

    Are you interested in seeing it? The trailer is below.

    This writer cannot align herself completely with the views and messages of the movie since it hasn't been viewed yet.

    Here's what I think this movie can do:

    • Provide some useful statistics and a timeline about the food industry, farming and disease rates
    • Inspire, motivate and anger viewers, possibly promoting personal change

    Here's what I'm afraid it will do:

    • Completely gloss over a lot of deep-seated food system problems that led to cheap, void foods
    • Deflect blame, flimsy blame, in the wrong places without real repercussions
    • Encourage people to go to Washington to petition changes in marketing – sorry, this …

    Making dinner from scratch can be a challenge for people pressed for time, inspiration and cash. Subsidies propping up the fast-food and processed-food industries often make it cheaper and more convenient to buy prepared foods than wholesome ingredients. Change, according to the film, isn’t going to happen unless it comes in the form of a revolution.

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