• Apple Vs. Persimmons

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    A head-to-head comparison of the two fruits by an international group of researchers found persimmons contain significantly higher concentrations of dietary fiber, minerals and phenolic compounds – all instrumental in fighting atherosclerosis, a leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.

    An international group of researchers did a comparison of the two fruits and found that persimmons contained higher levels of dietary fiber, minerals, and phenolic compounds. Persimmons contain everything you need to fight the effects of atherosclerosis, a leading cause of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. The study appeared in the February 2014 edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

    This is the first study of its kind looking at the health benefits of persimmons. Because of the compounds found in the fruit, it’s a good dietary choice for anyone with a family history of heart problems. Persimmons also contain higher levels of dietary fiber and antioxidants, along with significantly higher levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and manganese.

    According to the study, eating one persimmon a day, along with other fruits and vegetables, is enough to fight the effects of heart disease.

    There are two types of persimmons …

    Here's some dietary advice you can take to heart. A persimmon a day does more to reduce the risk of heart disease – the leading cause of death in the United States – than an apple.

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