• Risky GMO Ingredients Coming From A Cosmetic Near You

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    Natural Health News — We tend to think of GMO ingredients in cosmetics as contaminants, things that get in their either because the ingredient supply chain is not well monitored, or because they are the starting material for other ingredients.

    But now a major cosmetic company has announced it is moving into the development of biosynthetic organisms which will be deliberately added to cosmetic products.

    According to a recent story in Genetic Engineering News, L’Oreal has signed a deal with a company called Evolva to develop novel boisynthetic ingredient that, it is claimed, will have broad applications in the cosmetics industry.

    The two companies are going to use fermentation technology developed by Evolva to produce and optimize yeast strains for the production of the ingredient.

    The ‘ingredient’ is as yet unidentified but Luc Aguilar, the global head of L’Oréal’s biotechnologies department, said in a statement that the firm believes this platform …

    Bottom line is that you should use fewer cosmetic products with simpler ingredients. Some beauty products contain carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that increase breast cancer risk. Ask yourself which products you can do without; the best way to avoid chemicals is to use fewer products. Each product you cut from your beauty ritual decreases the number and quantity of chemicals to which you're exposed. Read carefully the label to avoid synthetic ingredients. Good: words that you've heard before, like aloe or lavender. Bad: words you can't even pronounce. Chemicals sound like chemicals. Avoid products with DMDM hydantoin and imidazolidinyl urea;parabens or any word ending in “-paraben”; “PEG” compounds and words ending in “-eth”;triclosan and triclocarban; triethanolamine (TEA); hydroquinone and oxybenzone. You also want to avoid synthetic fragrance, which can contain hundreds of chemicals, including toxic phthalates.


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