• Your Prepper Pantry: 10 Dehydrator Meals

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    Italian sun dried tomatoes
    The food you store in your Prepper's Pantry will be the mainstay of your family's survival system. Below is a guideline for preppers on how to stock a pantry on just about any budget. Fill your pantry with delicious and nutritious foods, along with a few comfort foods which will help boost family morale.

    In an effort to have some “just-add-water” meals planned for those emergencies that leave us with little to no warning, I have been using my dehydrator like a mad woman and have been dehydrating some of my families favorite meals.

    Since many consider dehydration to be the most affordable preservation method, and the best way to preserve the flavors of foods, I thought that I would have some homemade meals stored away for a rainy day. Not to mention these are the easiest to prepare when you’re in a pinch.

    Here are some tips for dehydrating your meals:

    1. To rehydrate my meals, I pour my dehydrated food into my pot and pour in enough water to cover the top most part of my food. Better to go with less, and as it rehydrates, you can additional water as needed.
    2. It usually takes 30-45 minutes for my meals to rehydrate, so give it some …

    But while we're still on the topic of essential foods to stock, consider this: if you're lucky enough to have a root cellar, then you can stock fresh apples, potatoes, onions and garlic to last you several months, but remember, never store them in plastic bags or in the refrigerator. They must be stored in a cool dark, and well ventilated space, and away from pests, which is not easy to do.

    Finally, know that it's okay to stock up on junk food. Did you know that Cheetos and Pringles can get a fire going? The content of much of the processed foods you buy has the perfect combination of air and fats to make fire. Who knew that your everyday food storage of junk foods would come in so handy in a disaster?

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