• Shrimp Farming And Tin Mining: Toxic Profits

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    he history of agriculture dates back thousands of years. Civilisations across the world have cultivated animals and crops down the ages. In the UK it is some 6,000 years since men first cleared away trees and began to raise animals for food and grow crops so they could eat all year round.

    Info About Agriculture brings you information about all aspects of farming and agriculture today.

    You can find out about dairy cattle and an average day on a dairy farm.

    This is the place to learn about organic farming and raising free range livestock and the alternative approach of intensive agriculture which aims to produce the greatest output possible for the lowest prices.

    The featured documentary by Earth Focus, an environmental investigative news magazine, reveals the toxic sides of the shrimp and smart phone industries.

    Aquaculture promotes itself as a sustainable solution to overfishing. But in reality, seafood farms cause as many problems as they solve, and may even be making matters worse. There's really little difference, in terms of environmental pollution, between land-based feedlots and water-based ones.

    Aquaculture—Not as Sustainable as You Might Think

    Carnivorous sea animals, such as prawns, need fish in their diet. Since overfishing has led to declining fish stocks, much of this needed protein is sourced from so-called “trash fish,” collected by trawlers off the coast of south east Asia.

    Fish that are still too small to be edible are indiscriminately caught in bottom-dragging trawling nets, and are then “left to rot in the holds of vessels for days or weeks on end,” according to investigators.

    Environmental and Social Impacts of Shrimp …

    In the 18th century more intensive methods were first adopted in the UK to increase production. These changes are known as the agricultural revolution. In the late 19th century, mass production methods began to be adopted in agriculture at the same time as they reached other industries and factories were founded. As technology developed and more machines were introduced to agriculture, the number of people with jobs in farming began to fall.

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