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    Alarming Increased of Asthma AttackAsthma is a disease that affects the airways in which the air passes through from your lungs. The inflammation will cause the airways to become slender, small amount of air can pass through them, and travels through the lungs. Whenairways are swollen or inflamed the result is truly a struggle, the airways will become so sensitive that will lead to irritations and increases your vulnerability to allergic reaction. The person will experience coughing, heavy breathing, chest tightness, and all sorts of breathing problems. Asthmatic people usually experience these symptoms during night time and at the dawn.

    A person who has asthma should do his/her best to avoid exposure of anything that triggers asthma. When it is triggered, it can irritate your asthma symptoms like coughing and wheezing. The truth is; there’s no asthma cure, but there are things you can do to regulate it and prevent it from attacking. If you believe your child may have allergies or asthma, it is very important to have your child check on a specialist; in this case, it should be an allergist what an allergist does is that they diagnose and treat allergies, asthma and other diseases of the immune system. Some people don’t really understand, how important it is to monitor asthma symptoms on a regular basis. Asthma patient who regularly do this use less asthma medication and have fewer visits to the doctor.

    Another statistic claims that asthma costs the U.S. $56 Billion per year. Furthermore, nine persons die a day in the USA from asthma attacks. [4] Asthma can be attributed to work-related environments; some researchers think there are genetic factors involved; and others claim that environmental factors trigger asthma. Besides, there is non-allergic asthma, a chronic inflammatory condition with wheezing, coughing, breathing difficulties – even chest tightness – which is not caused by exposure to triggers.

    From my studies in natural nutrition and wholistic health sciences, I’m more inclined to regard asthma as an allergy exacerbated by one’s environment and nutritional status, which interacts with or is aggravated by “triggers” that can be anything from food to perfume to animal dander to outdoor air and pollens, and most definitely man-made chemicals, including formaldehyde or other aldehydes, which gas out from most scented products.

    Basically, triggers cause constriction of airways within the bronchi that, …

    Thou asthma doesn’t have a definite cure, the person who has it should have a healthy lifestyle, stay away from triggering factors that will cause you to suffer. Prevention is always better than cure.

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